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history of ugo

W.L. Petrey Wholesale, established in 1898, was the parent company of Easy Call long distance, a Brand of prepaid Long-Distance Calling Card established 1995 that evolved into PreWay in 2003. W.L. Petrey Wholesale sold the Preway prepaid division to RWJ Advanced Marketing a group formed 2016 by then managing director Warren Jackson. RWJ is control by Warren Jackson and Greg Bauer as a joint partnership.

Today RWJ dba Preway Ugo HUB has devoted it’s efforts in rebranding into a modern distribution company of prepaid products / services and uses the new UGO HUB model to provide many innovating solutions to the complex distribution of prepaid products. UGO HUB has the latest products and services in Loyalty / Gift Cards, Check Processing, Bill Payment, as a host of other business solutions to serve the underbanked community.

PreWay UGO Hub mission is to be a preferred solutions provider that delivers full-service advantage to both its merchants and business partners. PreWay UGO is 100% committed in offering the best services and programs to all markets serviced. PreWay UGO has a simple mission; we want to grow your sales by providing products and services that deliver you results.  “We deliver Door Swing to Stores and Money thru profits to market partners “ says CEO Greg Bauer 

The diverse consumer-based product and financial services you’ll receive from PreWay UGO Hub is unmatched and without a doubt, will expand your business. Ugo Hub has proven track record  and speaks for itself by servicing thousands of retail locations nation-wide.

If you share our goals allow Ugo Hub to grow with you.



"Gate is Proud of PrePaid Offering that UGO provides, they have been truly flexible in allowing Gate to grow and change with the industry."

Craig Bredehoeft GATE Petroleum Company