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Integrated Bill Pay Solutions

Integrated Bill Pay SolutionsUGO provides a simple solution for those who chose to pay their bills in person. Bill Payment offered at hundreds of our locations across the country, takes local bills as well as national bills.

You can even pay bills to vendors in Latin America. Please click here to find the closest location near you.

OPEN-LOOP GIFT CARD AND VANILLA VISA Offering the ultimate in prepaid choice, our open-loop gift card options give the recipient the ability to spend the funds on the card almost anywhere, making them a great option for both a gift and self-use.

By partnering with Ugo Hub, you will also be able to sell the popular OneVanilla Card, designed to help self-use or cash-preferred consumers with activities like online bill payment, travel expenses and other situations where a card is required to make a purchase.

Get a barcode at or use the barcode on your paper bill, find a VanillaDirect Pay retailer, and pay your bill. Use your barcode only to pay your bill, load or make a payment to your account. Do not share your card or barcode with others. Fraudulent transactions may result in the loss of your money with no recourse.

Customers Can:

  • Pay their bill using cash
  • Pay multiple bills at once
  • Guarantee that payment reaches the vendor quickly
  • Avoid late fees, service charges and bad credit reports
  • Get a receipt for each bill they pay
  • Directly pay bills to vendors in Latin America on behalf of their family and friends


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    "Gate is Proud of PrePaid Offering that UGO provides, they have been truly flexible in allowing Gate to grow and change with the industry."

    Craig Bredehoeft GATE Petroleum Company