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Integrated Bill Pay Solutions

Integrated Bill Pay Solutions - Vanilla Direct PayOnce approved, only a flip of a switch is needed to start offering retail customers the ability to pay their bills through the clerk managed terminal or web portal. Help us increase your foot traffic upwards of 40%!

Customers Can:

  • Pay their bill using cash
  • Pay multiple bills at once
  • Guarantee that payment reaches the vendor quickly
  • Avoid late fees, service charges and bad credit reports
  • Get a receipt for each bill they pay
  • Directly pay bills to vendors in Latin America on behalf of their family and friends

For more information please dial Destin Davis at 334-230-5747.

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    "Gate is Proud of PrePaid Offering that UGO provides, they have been truly flexible in allowing Gate to grow and change with the industry."

    Craig Bredehoeft GATE Petroleum Company